1) прилад; пристрій
2) механізм, апарат
3) обладнання

devices identical in design — конструктивні аналоги

devices similar in operation — функціональні аналоги

- active docking device - actuating device - add-in device - aircrafts anticollision device - alarm device - analog device - antiicing device - antiretraction device - antiskid device - antitopple device - arresting device - audio warning device - aural warning device - automatic course device - automatic signalling device - braking device - braking test device - cabin tightness testing device - caging device - caging device of gyroscope - cargo-handling device - cargo-loading device - cargo tie-down device - cargo-weighting device - cartridge actuated device - centering device - centering cam device - chart-matching device - circuit protection device - closure device - coding device - continuous measuring device - current devices - deicing device - detonating device - dispersion device - display device - dust protection device - eavesdropping device - electronic device - electronic storage device - engine lifting device - exchange device - explosives detecting device - fastening device - fdling device - floatation device - friction test device - gaging device - hand-held device - high lift devices - high lift wing devices - high voltage devices - hoisting device - homing device - igniting device - infra-red detection devices - insertion device - intrusion detection device - lift devices - lift dump device - lift increasing device - listening device - loading device - load transfer device - locking device - lockout device - measuring device - metering device - mooring device - navigation device - noise abatement device - noise suppression device - peripheral device - recording device - remote alarm device - safety device - safety relief device - self-centering device - self-recording device - sensing device - signalling device - solid-state device - stabilizer servicing device - stall warning device - switching device - system leakage device - termination device - through device - thrust producting device - timber-carrying suspending device - tire inflation device - tow device - tripping device - underfrequency protection device - unit load device - visual warning device - warning device - water depth measuring device - weapon detecting device - weighting device - wheel installation device - wing devices - wing extendable devices - wing high-lift devices

Англійсько-український словник авіаційних термінів / Уклад.: Р.О. Гільченко. - К.: НАУ. 2009.

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